Our Team

Kristy Royce, President and Founder

Kristy brings over 20 years of experience exploring some of the most remote parts of the planet. Her travels have shaped her passion for environmentalism and social justice. Kristy has been to Antarctica over 50 times, sailed the Amazon and its tributaries, worked on icebreakers in the Arctic, traveled throughout the Galapagos, Baja, South Pacific, and has lived and worked with the Machiguenga native community in the Peruvian Amazon. A mother of two, Kristy also co-founded ExpeditionTrips, an award-winning travel company that she sold in 2010. She is the co-founder of the climate action organization CoolMom and WashingtonWomenCAN, two groups that help Washington women and families live more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprints. A proud Al Gore trained Climate Reality Corps leader and mentor, Kristy presents on climate and related topics around Washington State. She believes that action on climate is a moral imperative, and that we simply must act now for the children of the world. 

Lori Goodwin, Adventure Specialist

After graduating from Hampshire College and later as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Congo, Lori was first able to connect her love of travel with her commitment to global service. She then spent 2 more footloose years seeking adventure, work and opportunities for volunteerism in India, Southeast Asia and Europe.  After returning stateside, she trained and worked as an air, cruise and travel agent. For the past 13 years she has specialized in small ship expedition and adventure travel, crafting custom itineraries and helping travelers experience the world's most extraordinary destinations. She has been lucky enough to have traveled frequently and extensively in these destinations personally; from the Antarctic to the Arctic, Alaska, Baja, the South Pacific, East Africa and South America including Peru, the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. After working for many years with Kristy at Expedition Trips, Lori jumped at the chance to help found ExploringCircle, being thoroughly inspired by the vision to help others connect with the world while funding hope and being part of the solution.