Seeing The World Through Kindness

John Osborne, August 2015 from , Indiana
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Over the last decade, while in my 80s, Kristy helped me explore the world. This was a unique challenge, because I suffer from Macular Degeneration, and was slowly losing my eyesight. This did not stop me from seeing and hearing and feeling so many amazing places. After a few trips, when it became clear that I could not longer travel on my own, I enlisted members of my church to join me. On each trip, I brought a travel companion to help me "see." 

Over the last decade I explored the world. My journeys took me to Africa twice; Antartica three times, Australia, New Zealand and the Sub-Antarctic Islands, and a special WWII-focused trip to the South Pacific Islands. The list that enriched my life goes on: Alaska, The Russian Far East, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea.

For each trip, we discussed my travel goals and Kristy created a unique itinerary. She took such care and put such attention to detail. She helped me "see" the world, when I was losing my eye sight and in my final years.

I am forever grateful.