Jennifer King

March 2017 | Westerly, RI

We found Kristy to be hugely helpful, as would anyone, due to her extensive experience in the Galapagos. She was able to give great advice as to which itineraries, boats and companies would be ideal for us. I think without Kristy's help we would have been shooting in the dark!

John R.

January 2017 | Reno, NV

Thanks to Kristy for arranging this special trip for us. This was one of the best small boat cruises we have every taken. The absolute highpoint of the trip for me, was a particular snorkeling trip with orcas led by our very expereinced guide who told us that we might be in for a special treat-and we were!

Achinta & Jay B.

January 2017 | ,

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute. Kristy was very nice and helpful in arranging our trip. I would recommend her to everyone. Everything was enjoyable, people were great, our guides were great. Now it seems like a dream.

Marsha Kozinn

November 2016 | Atlanta, GA

South and West Greenland on the Sea Spirit

We had a wonderful time in Reykjavik and on the Sea Spirit. The ship was making her maiden voyage after 6 weeks in dry dock (in Spain) .The ship company's executive chef and top manager, were along to make sure everything was up to high standards, and it was. All staff from both entities were superb. The expedition team were knowledgeable and compared well with some of the alumni staff lecturers on our past trips. The passengers were also very friendly and a last minute outreach to English speakers led to close to 50% coming from the US mid west and west coast plus two from Georgia , and others from Australia and New Zealand. There were only 20 Germans, a small group of Belgians and French and 10 Russians with their own interpreter.  The food was excellent with Mark's only complaint about the wine selection. Accommodations were much better than expected. Our cabin was large with plenty of storage and being on the top floor did not add more sway in rough seas. I do think,(and could be mistaken), that the ship built in 1991 was less effectively stabilized than newer vessels. Strong pitch could be felt even in the lower level dining room and quite a few folks got seasick in what I consider pretty calm seas between Iceland and Southern Greenland. I wonder what happens when the Sea Spirit traverses the Drake Passage. That said, we would travel with them on the Sea Spirit again. There was not much wildlife on this itinerary so we look forward to seeing whales, seals and polar bears elsewhere. We may be interested in that trip for next year especially if the price is right!. 

Barbara & Dean Dobbins

February 2016 | Loveland, CO

There are not enough words to describe how magnificent our trip turned out. The Plancius' expedition team went above and beyond to make sure that we got to enjoy all locations.  Thank you for your wonderful guidance, thoughtful suggestions and continuing encouragement.

Dianne Finklestein

February 2016 | New York, NY

We really had a wonderful time. The weather was great while in Antarctica... The expedition crew were great: spirited, well informed and always willing to help. We felt they went to great effort to get us off the boat, in zodiacs and on land as much as possible.  Thanks for all your help. You have been wonderful to work with.

Max W.

October 2015 | Keyser, WV

I worked with Lori Goodwin, who was absolutely great... Everything was perfect.  All we had to do was show up and Lori already had taken care of all travel logistics.  She really fitted us to the Antarctic ship that was perfect for us.  She was absolutely awesome.

Lynda Rudolph

August 2015 | Glen Ellyn, IL

Truly a trip of a lifetime, and Lori's expertise made it all possible... at the last minute, she quickly organized a great Peru trip with all the highlights, plus some special outdoor activities. What a pleasure to work with!

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