Vanishing Ice

Why does ice matter?

By helping to regulate climate, ice plays a pivotal role in making Earth a hospitable place for life. Mountain glaciers, seasonal sea ice, and the deep caps of ice on Greenland and Antarctica prevent the world from overheating: white surfaces of ice reflect the sun’s heat back into space, keeping much of the planet at habitable temperatures.  As the ice sheets melt and glaciers calve, the sea levels of the world begin to rise and a cascade of climate change ensues and threatens the sustanability of all life on earth. 

Wildlife in the polar regions and beyond depend on the ice sheets.   

The vast ice sheets and glaciers of the planet's polar caps provide sustenance, habitation and a hospitable breeding environment to a surpising array of wildlife. As changes in the ice in the polar regions are recorded, scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about the fate of the species that reside there. And for us humans, disappearing animal and plant species serve as a sober "canary in a coal mine" type warning should the ice sheets conitinue to melt at their current rates.

The Penguin Counters by Getzels Gordon

Lawyer turned scientist Ron Naveen has worked fervently over the past 30 years to conserve the stunning but fragile continent of Antarctica. He is the founder of Oceanites and together with ASI he is now a penguin counter, tracking more than 200 colonies of penguins over many years to identify why many of these gentle creatures are dying off. Film maker Getzels Gordon's documentary, The Penguin Counters chronicles this journey.

Scientists estimate that if the Greenland ice sheet melts, sea levels could rise up to 23 feet... potentially resulting in a worldwide catastrophe because nearly 1/3 of the world’s population lives in or near a coastal zone. The global impact of several billion refugees and the negative impacts on coastal economic activity would be staggering.

How do we Pay it Forward?

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